Aichi Val DF-ST-91-10602

D3A "VAL" Available on the IJN plane tree

ChanceVoughtF4U 1

An F4u Corsair, Available on the U.S Plane Tree

The aircraft, is the vital resource for the carriers, also is one of the most effective long range weapons in all Naval Ops Games, there are different classes of Aircraft, Fighters, Interceptors, Bombers, and Scouts, for carrier based aircraft, and for battleships and for crusiers they are Sea Bombers, Sea Interceptors And Sea Scouts, The Aircraft development depend on the nation, for example, U.S Seaplanes are only Scouts but have the better interceptors, Japan seaplanes have all 3 classes and a well balanced carrier based aircraft, Germany have only Scout and Fighter seaplanes but has the most earlier jet plane class and powerfull bombers, The United Kingdom have a variety of planes, late jet class plane and the best scouts of the game.

Each aircraft role is:


A multirole plane, avaible to use anti-Ship weaponry and Anti Air missiles for self defense.


Units Design to Engage Hostile Aircraft, Armed with Anti-Air weaponry.


An attacker plane, Design Only to engage Land and Naval Targets, armed with bombs.



Spitfire MK.1 Available on the U.K plane tree


"Hallberd class IV" Available on Germany Plane tree

Anti-Sub Plane, armed only with Depth Charges.


--U.S Interceptors, are the best in all the 4 nation types.

--Only The German Plane Tree have "Hallberds" a U.F.O class.

--Bombers are the most weak kind of aircraft.

--You can not select your aircraft targets.

--United Kingdom Scouts, are the best in the game.

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