The Archeopteryx, its huge bomber, very fast, and well armed, But its not a very difficult Enemy, like the

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The Archeopteryx, Ready to Engage

Wiberwind class cruisers, the archeopteryx, depends on his speed, when the mission starts, it is not very fast, and its easy to kill, but when you make to him a good amount of damage, it starts to go very very Fast, even the Anti-Air missiles cant hit him, the archeopteryx, have a weak armor,
Archeopteryx for Rikudrak by Uzag

The Original Archeopteryx

even a destroyer con kill him, the archeopteryx is armed with 32.00cm artillery, Anti-Ship Missiles, and unguied Bombs, that can make fire break on board, The archeopteryx also can be shot down by interceptors, if you Load F-22 Interceptors In a carrier, they can do the work for you. Its a bloody battle, but very entertaining.


--The "Arqueopteryx" was an extint bird, that was pretty dangerous and fast.

--The F-22,Arawashi,Galhad, and Halberd IV, are the Only interceptors that can shot down the super bomber

--The archeopteryx can be shot down by a Single Shot, from a Battleship.

--This its the most annoying of all the superships.