U.F.O brillodein

The Brillodein is a Giant U.F.O, armed with 50.8 cm artillery, chainguns, Missiles, torpedoes, lasers, and plasma weapons. Brillodein has low to moderate armor compared to other superships (but stronger than Archeopteryx), roughly 2/3rds of that of the previous 2 superships. This is the only U.F.O Supership in the naval ops Games. Brillodein is very fast, even faster than Archeopteryx. However this supership will periodically stop and spin for a few seconds to do a laser attack. This Supership can be very difficult due to its high speed and damage output, but armed with the correct weaponry it can be shot down relatively quickly. The "Brillodein" appears in the Mission "Close Encounters". Brillodein is also a flagship of the Virshian "North Fleet" along with the Habakkuk, Druna Skass, and Drunna Skass 2.


--The brillodein is the only U.F.O Boss In all the naval ops Games

--Air Attacks are useless

--Battleships are an Excelent choise to shoot down this U.F.O

--In special Mode (*) when it is destroyed, it dropes a crate that contains a railgun.