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The Dreadnought, surfacing from the deep

The Dreadnought, its a high speed submarine, the unique underwater supership from the virshian navy,armed with powerfull topedos, and Anti-Ship missiles While is under water, When it Goes to the Surface, it use Rocket launchers, Missiles And his 35.5 cm single artillery, There are 2 dreadnought class submarines, The dreadnought, the main one, and the Nautilus, more powerfull than his twin, this submarine have oxigen torpedoes as main underwater weapon, in the surface, its equipped with a Crois Laser, Anti-Air Lasers and its 35.5 cm artillery but more effective, the dreadnought class sumbarines have 2 armors, one in underwater, and the other one when its on the surface, so you first have to force the sub to surface, and then kill it, The Dreadnought class submarine, its an easy target for Destroyers and cruisers, but his twin, favorite Target its Destroyers and Cruisers, so its recommended to equip the ship with strong Anti-Sub warfare, good Armor and Balanced Artillery


---The dreadnought its the Flagship From the virshian Strike Fleet

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The Nautilus In battle

--The dreadnought can be forced to surface by Scouts