Navalops 031004 05

Sulfabour Negla,Loading its Wave Gun

The Super Laser Battleships the Druna Skass Class, are the Main Flagships of the Virshian navy. They are the "Perfect weapon" armed with 80.00cm guns Numerous Anti-Air batteries, and a massive wave gun, according to the story line, this gun can destroy an entire continent. There are 3 classes of the Druna Skass battleships, The Druna Skass, the main one, Armed with a 80 cm as main artillery and its Massive Wave Gun, The Druna Skass 2, the remodelation of the first one, with better armor and better Anit-Air weaponry. And the Silfurbour Negla, the ultimate class of supership, this supership has better armor, better Anti-Ship Missiles, and a more effective massive wave gun, its the true leading Flagship of the Virshian navy. At the end of the game when you defeat it, its said that the Silfurbour Negla Was the initial Problem of the whole conflict.



Druna Skass, In Battle

--Druna Skass Class its the Classic Supership from Naval Ops Games

--The Druna Skass, its weak only to 65.00 cm Artillery, and Wave Guns

--Air Attacks are useless.