Dual Crater (2)

Dual Crater In battle

The Dual Crater is a Super Amphibious Landing Ship, capable of launching small landing ships, like pt boats, used by the Virshia navy Landing Fleet, The Dual Crater does not have good armor and it's a very slow ship, this ship is a weird class of Supership because, is doesnt have good armor, its slow and dosen't have good weaponry, it's the most easy Supership to sink, you find it in the mission C-10. According to the story, the Dual Crater is the ship that captured the Navishia Head Quarters at the begining of the game, The Dual Crater is weak to all kind of ships, even aircraft can sink this ship. The Dual craters' weak points are, The hull, the deck, and both control bridges,


--The Dual Crater is the easiest of all the Superships.

--The Dual Crater is the Flagship of the Virshian Landing Fleet.

--The Dual Crater has a very diferent history in Warship Gunner 2, where it has more armor and is much faster, if you dont stop this ship before it reachs the shore, the mission will fail.