The original Habbakuk project

The Habbakuk, its a Super Ice Carrier, developed by the virshian navy, The habbakuk, its the most well armored ship of the whole game, this ship its protected by an Advanced Battleship Escort, the Ship itself its Dangerous,armed with 50.5 cm Artillery, a Crab Laser, Anti-Ship, Anti-Air missiles, and various Deadly lasers, but if you think that this ship cant be worst, this ship its also a carrier, capable to launch Fighters, a direct attack is useless, the ice around the carrier, make it a very difficult target, only 60cm artillery can do some damage to the deck, not to the hull, to do a direct damage, you first have to melt all the ice, its the only form to reach the hull, there is a more faster way, if you already have the drillship, the drill will do all the work, the habbakuk tactic its to rush against the player, if you try to scape, it will follow you, The habbakuk its one of the 3 main Superships, He the Harima And the Druna Skass. Habbakuk weak point its the Command Bridge, and the hull when all the ice is melted. Habbakuk Hull its the Battlecarrier "X", A weird pick up item



The H.M.S Habbakuk

-The original habbakuk was an unfinished Proyect from the Royal Navy

-The habbakuk its the best armored ship of the whole game

-Air attacks Are obviously useless.