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Naval Ops: Commander, is a simulation game, the sequel of Naval Ops: Warship Gunner, made as a alternative game, launched in the year of 2002, by Micro Cabin, In this Alternate game, you can relive some missions that appears in warship gunner, also the superships that appears in the first game, in this game you can select your own fleet, conformed by your ship, The Flagship, and 3 escorts of your choice, as the other naval ops games, you have a variety of hulls, aircraft and massive artillery, Naval Ops: Commander, has a all new story, in the naval conflict betwen Virshia and Navirshia, two powerful naval and military nations, you start as a commander of a destroyer from the navirshia naval force, you can choose about 4 powerful nations, U.S , Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, all of them with weak and strong points. Naval Ops commander, has around 80 intense missions, survival mode, and 2 trailers from other KOEI games.


Naval Ops: Commander Gameplay

Naval Ops: Commander gives you the opportunity to customize your own fleet, you can make you own Destroyer, Cruiser, or your own deadly Battleship, but if you don't want to customize your ship you can also buy "blueprints" Historical Ships armed with the correct historical Armament, You Can command the USS Essex, or the IJN Yamato, Naval Ops:Commander, its a whole different game, its very different to warship gunner, its a whole new story.

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Naval Ops: Commander, developed by Micro cabin, is the second Game from the sequel of Naval Ops games. This games doesn´t use 3D battle scenarios, that make it a low graphic detail game, but still have the same action than other warship gunner games. In this Wiki, you can see the Superships that appear in this Game, the Missions, some cheats, the aircraft classes, and the Blueprints, and reward unlocks. In this game you can have Your own fleet, something different from all other warship gunner games. This game its something new, but interesting






Spec. Machine GunsEdit

SMG bullets continue forward until they strike targets or the ground; using the air attack button you can strike at land/sea targets at long distances and land targets behind high sea walls; switch to manual mode cursor and aim slightly further than target when using this trick and remember: long distance, wide spray.

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