Navishia Naval Base

Navishia is a global superpower, according to the story line, is a peacefull nation, that have never get involved in a direct conflict, at the very start of the game the navishia`s HQ is attacked and captured by Virshia`s navy, leaving all the armed forces without any chance to plan any big scale attack, also is the only nation that has allies in the game, navishia has also bases all around the globe in case of an emergency or war, in the game the nation is surprised by the attack, and the navy has no option to fall back to their heartland, and sending small fleets to make some sabotage, escort, and some raid missions, but later on, the fleet will grow, and recapture the HQ, making a counter offencive, and pushing back the virshian forces, and after destroying the last supership, navishia`s navy has the task of "defend the open seas" this nation also has the technology to build all classes of ships, and has the chance to make mini superships, navirshia is the players nation and can decide between 4 core nations, and thousands of parts for a customized ship


-This nation is the only one with allies

-can make all kind of vessels

-In other naval ops games the name is change.