Kill rewards

Rewards unlocked for killing a specific number of enemy

kill 100 500 999
Aircraft 127mm Rapid Fire Cannon New AGS 254mm Cannon 356mm Chain Gun
PT boat 2 X 25.4cm 60 Caliber 2 X 80cm 60 Caliber 2 X 100cm 60 Caliber
Transport 2-Hull Destroyer Pocket Battleship Duckship
Submarine Weapons Command System Good Luck Charm1 Enigmatech Sturla
Destroyer 4 x 30mm CIWS 102mm Rapid Fire Cannon New AGS 203mm Cannon
Cruiser Burst Torpedoes Special Warhead Torpedoes New Quantum Torpedoes
Carrier2 4 x KaRyuu 4 x Su-37j 4 x Osprey
Battleship Multi Warhead VLS Cruise Missile Launcher Multi Purpose Missile VLS
Battlecarrier Crab Laser Charged Particle Gun 2 Grian Laser
Supership Railgun Astal Siorc Wave Gun Massive Wave gun


1 The good luck Charm is a perk, that let you avoid taking secondary damage

2 Rewards for carrier seems dependent on the country you choose. Will update as I verify.

rewards that are not verified is in italics