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Armament Research

The Technology is an important factor in the game, as your technology level increases, you will be able to produce new items for your ship, the research for new technology cost, so you have to save some money, There are 5 different types of research areas, and they are:

-Aircraft: The Aircraft research allows you to produce better planes. From WW2 aircraft to modern combat planes.

-Engine: This allows you to produce better Boilers and Turbines to power your ship.

-Metallugry: The materials to create a ship, Guns and blueprints, this research allows you to make more and more powerfull guns, Ships and more powerfull armor

-Weapons: This will allow you to produce better armament systems.

-Electronics: This research allows you to produce better auxiliary systems, like Radars or Sonars it also affect

Sonar class V

s the hull strenght and Bridge control ability.