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The trollslegur its a Laser battleship, armed only with this high technology weaponry, it is a very difficult ship if you dont have any Electromagnetic Defense, the trollslegur its armed with Electron Lasers, Burst Guns, Anti-Ship missiles and numerous Lasers, this gigantic battleship moves very slow, a direct attack its almost a suicide, the trollslegur weakpoints are its rear, and its main gun, Only battleships can sink this ship, other ships are weak to its lasers and missiles, the armor of this battleship is very strong, making it a very slow target, only 45, 50 and 60 caliber guns are able to do a considerable damage to the hull, This ship is an unique class, the problem of this battleship its about the armament, when the ship recive a certain amount of damage, weapons energy, begins to be unstable, and if it reach the critical rate, it scapes and kill everyone onboard, like shown on Warship Gunner 2.


--The trollslegur its the Flagship of the "Special command fleet"

--Trollslegur armament Can be jamed

--Air attacks are useless