The Nation of Virshia is a world super power and always has being the antagonist of the naval ops series, this nation is always at war with Navishia another super power,  according to the story line, virshia`s navy attacked navishia`s HQ in order to expand their nation, after the first big assault begun, navishia`s forces have no other option than to fall back to regroup, in this first assault, an small destroyer is the only survivor from de defense fleet and its chase by the virshian navy, Virshia also has the technology to make special "weapons" named superships, they have a large variety of them, from ships, to U.F.O`s, this superships are build to defend key sectors all around the world, Virshia is always at war, according to the story it is a nation that never give up.


-Virshia`s navy and air force varies according to the sector they are stationed in, form WW2 ships to modern Cruisers and superships.

-The only known country that can build superships.

-Virshia`s flag is never seen.

-Virshia never surrenders, in all games this nation only loses the most powerfull ship or its most powerfull admiral, but the nation itself never surrenders.