• The Super High Speed Cruiser, Wiberwind its the most faster of all the virshian navy, there are 2 wiberwind class cruisers the Wiberwind, and the Sturmwind, both with a maximun velocity of 89 knts. the Sturmwind its the most powerfull of this cruiser class, armed with lasers, and Anti-Ship Missiles, both cruisers have a weak point, they speed, made them have a very weak armor, and its the only supership that its weak to air attacks, they artillery are only 35.5 cm so Cruisers and destroyers are its favorite Target, also both ships are weak to torpedos, and missiles, its threat level its Low, but can be annoying, when it is about to sink, it starts to run, and at his velocity its hard to hit, Wiberwind and Sturmwind Hull, is the Special Cruiser, only avaible as a pick up item.


--Wiberwind is the first Supership, so an early development of a cruiser can be usefull.

--Both cruisers are weak to Battleships.

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Wiberwind, Main artillery

--Fighters are the nightmare of both ships.